Customized Gene Detection Kit Development

What can we offer you?

DNAFORM provides the most flexible customized gene detection kit development service based on our SmaratAmp® and Eprobe® PCR technologies.

With these precision gene technologies, DNAFORM offers very fast, highly specific gene detection for use on both R&D and medical diagnosis.

DNAFORM's key capabilities

  • With the exclusive licenses for SmartAmp® and Eprobe® PCR, DNAFORM provides these cutting-edge gene detection technologies in competitive prices.

  • DNAFORM has in-house facilities for the manufacture and supply of in-vitro genetic diagnosis products. All products are manufactured in our certified facilities including fully equipped laboratories for production, quality control, product development and R&D.

OEM/Contract Manufacturing Services

We also provide the scalable OEM/contract manufacturing service of SmaratAmp® and Eprobe® PCR related reagents and kits for other suppliers.

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