What we do

Kabushiki Kaisha DNAFORM : What we do

Kabushiki Kaisha DNAFORM was established in September 1998 as a part of the venture business promotion program of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research ("RIKEN"). DNAFORM's technology platform has been developed in the laboratory of Dr. Yoshihide Hayashizaki, the director of the RIKEN Preventive Medicine and Diagnosis Innovation Program.

Our current business fields are:

cDNA Clones and Other Genetic Resources
Distribution of RIKEN mouse FANTOM™ Clones, ORF Clones, IMAGE/MGC Clones of Source BioScience, C.elegans Clones, and other clone collections

Solutions for Gene Expression Analysis
Distribution of CAGE Library kits, which makes you possible to prepare CAGE Libraries simply, and preparation of Full-length cDNA Libraries and CAGE Libraries co-developed by DNAFORM and RIKEN, etc.

DNA/RNA Amplification
Production, distribution, licensing and entrusted development of genetic detection assays reagents based on SmartAmp method or Eprobe PCR method co-developed by DNAFORM and RIKEN, etc.

Custom Fluorescent Oligo Synthesis
Production, distribution and licensing of custom fluorescent oligo synthesis Eprobe® and Eprimer™ co-developed by DNAFORM and RIKEN, and development of new fluorescent oligo synthesis, etc.

DNAFORM has worked closely together with RIKEN for the development of innovative technologies for transcriptome analysis and novel applications in detection.

Besides working closely together with RIKEN, DNAFORM uses its long-standing experience in the field to running its own in-house R&D program for developing proprietary technologies for innovative top quality products. As our mission, DNAFORM wants to be a leading company that contributes to improved living standards and health care.