Gene Expression Analysis

DNAFORM has the expertise to perform transcript and expression analysis using our original cutting-edge technologies. Platforms available for expression profiling custom-prepared libraries, as well as digital gene expression analysis using ultra high-throughput sequencing.


Cap Analysis of Gene Expression, CAGE

Cap Analysis of Gene Expression, CAGE, enables sequencing and mapping of CAGE sequencing reads derived from the 5'-end of mRNA, thereby quantifying the frequency of CAGE sequences. A distinctive feature of CAGE is its capability to accurately identify promoter sites for each transcript and obtain gene expression profiles based on identified promoters.

DNAFORM provides both a ready-to-use reagents kit and custom library preparation service.

Method Advantage
CAGE Highly sensitive analysis with unbiased accuracy
CAGE+PCR Sensitive analysis from low amount of RNA

Custom Full-Length cDNA Library Service

Full-Length cDNA Library

DNAFORM's proprietary Full-Length cDNA Library and Cloning Technologies can offer you unmatched solutions for your entry into transcriptome research and beyond.

The Other Library Preparation Service

The Other Custom Library Services

DNAFORM provides flexible custom libray preparation services for high-throughput sequencing.