Solutions for DNA/RNA amplification and SNP assay

With collaborative R&D with RIKEN, DNAFORM provides reagents, enzyme, and ready-to-use testing kits to support SmartAmp® - our original isothermal amplification of DNA/RNA, and also Eprobe® for combined Real-time PCR.

SmartAmp® Reagent Kits

SmartAmp® reagent kits

The SmartAmp® Reagent Kit offers very fast, highly-specific SNP assay from less than 1 uL whole blood samples.

Reagents for Isothermal Amplification

Reagents for Eprobe® PCR

Reagents for Eprobe® PCR

Eprobe®/Eprimer™ PCR realises highly target specific nucleic acid detection with low background signal on a standard real-time PCR instrument. Its applications are sensitive detection of bacteria and viruses, SNP genotyping, and detection of rare somatic mutation related to disease.

In Vitro Diagnostic Products

In Vitro Diagnostic Products

With collaboration with RIKEN, DNAFORM developed clinical diagnosis kit for detecting influenza A(H1N1) pdm. (Discontinued)

Customized Gene Detection Kits Development

OEM & Customized Gene Detection Products manufacture

In addition to the existing off-the-shelf reagents, DNAFORM provides the most flexible one-stop kit development service based on our SmaratAmp® and Eprobe® PCR technologies.