CAGE™ Preparation Kit

CAGE Preparation Kit

CAGE Preparation Kit is a ready-to-use product that includes reagents* and the protocol necessary for the preparation of a CAGE library, which allows the easy introduction of Cap Analysis of Gene Expression, CAGE, into your R&D.

* Note: Reverse Transcriptase is not inclued.

CAGE enables sequencing and mapping of CAGE sequencing reads derived from the 5'-end of mRNA and RNA polymeraseⅡproducts, thereby quantifying the frequency of each mRNA. A distinctive feature of CAGE is its capability to accurately identify promoter sites for each transcript and obtain gene expression profiles based on identified promoters.

A sequencing run using on the Illumina Sequencer can yield over 15,000,000 reads per sample. Expression profiles obtained from CAGE (i.e., combination of next-generation sequencing with next-generation expressing profiling) will be powerful tools for various gene expression analyses and genome annotation projects.

What can CAGE offer you?

  • Unique data: CAGE enables experimental identification of transcriptional start sites and quantification of promoter activity.
  • Wide range of applications: CAGE enables analysis of transcriptomes from any organism.
  • Wide dynamic range: CAGE also enables detection of rare transcripts.


  • Genome-wide gene-expression analysis
  • Prediction of promoter sites
  • Quantitative mRNA expression profiling

Examples of actual usage of CAGE

  • "Functional Annotation of Mouse (FANTOM) project" by RIKEN
  • "Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project" by the National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • "Gene Networks project" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Product specifications

  • The cap-trapper method involves capturing the 5'-cap of mRNA while removing rRNA.
  • The random priming method allows generation of hybridization products from non-coding mRNAs, in addition to those from mRNAs
  • The use of barcodes allows multiplex sequence analysis.
  • Prepared CAGE libraries can be analyzed with an Illumina next-generation DNA sequencer.
  • Note: the CAGE Kit does not contain reverse transcriptase.

For data analysis, Platform system for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis is available at the National Institutes of Genetics.

National Institutes of Genetics > NGS Analysis Platform