Kabushiki Kaisha DNAFORM : About us

  Management Policy

DNAFORM is the development-type company which aims at the “Development of Human Health Care”, “Modernization of Hospitals and Social Health Care” and “Contribution to realization of Smart Medical City”. For this purpose, the development of the cutting-edge technology and its social implementation should be our main work, and we aim at the high-end products.

On the other hand, in order to meet the social unmet needs, we are working not only just for manufacturing and supplying our products but also trying to supply our products in the form of service. In response to the social demand for Covid-19 pandemic, we established a our subsidiary company named as “SmartAmp Station DNAFORM” and its clinical laboratory to provide the clinical test.

As mentioned above, we are aiming at contributing to realization of “7P medicine” in Smart Medical City based on the fusion of so-called “Wet” and “Dry”, and AI driven medical technology. We will try to systematize the development of the technologies for the future Smart Medical city

  Head office

Ask Sanshin Building 3F,

2-6-29, Tsurumi-Chuo,Tsurumi-ku,

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken,Japan,

Postal code: 230-0051

FAX : +81-45-510-0608


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