SmartAmp® Reagent Kit : Product Overview

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What SmartAmp® can offer you

SmartAmp® is an isothermal DNA amplification technology for rapid detection with extreme fidelity.

Unlike other amplification methods, the complete suppression of background can be achieved when properly optimized. SmartAmp requires no DNA purification, and displays with the high sensitivity of single-nucleotide precision, enabling identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), mutations, and other DNA targets.

Features of the Smart Amplification Process include:

  • Energy-saving: Isothermal amplification does not need thermocycling required (60°C incubation)
  • Time-saving: Unique primer design combined with a new enzyme with strand-displacement activity enables to shorten the reaction time less than 30 minuets.
  • Trouble-saving: The SmartAmp® chemistry enables easy one-pot reaction. Reaction mixture is prepared by quick and simple treatment of less than 1 μL of whole blood samples.
  • Cost-saving: with the exclusive licenses, DNAFORM manufactures and supplies these cutting-edge gene-detection reagents kits in competitive prices.


SmartAmp®法は、理化学研究所とダナフォームが共同開発した、等温核酸増幅法です。非対称なプライマーセットと鎖置換反応活性を持つDNAポリメラーゼ(Aac DNA Polymerase)によって等温条件下で核酸増幅を行うことが技術的な特徴です。

SmartAmp®法で使用するプライマーは、伸長後の合成鎖とループ構造を形成するように設計されています。このループ構造が等温条件下でプライマーが結合する一本鎖状の領域を提供します。Aac DNA Polymeraseは、強い鎖置換反応活性をもち、DNA鎖合成の進行方向にある二本鎖DNAを解離しながら伸長反応が進行します。SmartAmp®法では、非対称なプライマーデザインによって、SNPや遺伝子変異を検出し易いのが特徴です。

SmartAmp® Reagent Kitの使用方法



Basic techniques

About the Application


SmartAmp® reagent kit is intended for research, and should not be used for purposes of diagnosis or its auxiliary.

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