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If you want to get Individual FANTOM™ Clone and you do not know Clone ID, please find the clones of your interest from DNAFORM Clone Search Engine and place orders on our online shop:

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If you want to get Individual FANTOM™ Clone and you already know Clone ID, or if you want to get FANTOM™ Set, please contact us by email



  • Where possible, we recommend the use of Credit Card payment for international money transfer, as it allows for a faster processing of your order and we do not charge any bank fees. In case Credit Card payment is impossible, we offer to customers OUTSIDE of Japan cash-in-advance payment to our account, and all bank charges are to be covered by the customer. Within Japan, DNAFORM will invoice the payments due.
  • We will inform your of the shipping schedule once your order is confirmed.

Terms and Conditions

DNAFORM Clone Replacement Policy

DNAFORM makes best efforts to provide our customers with high quality services. As part of our commitment to serve the research community, we have established throughout quality standards to assure our customers that they receive the correct clones. However, all clone resources are experimental in nature, and therefore we cannot exclude certain mistakes in the clone collections and the related information in the public domain. We cannot exclude that clones may have mistakes, and therefore advice on performing an ID check prior to use in your studies. DNAFORM does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of incorrect clones.

In cases, where customers have identified a mistake in a clone obtained by DNAFORM. DNAFORM applies the following Replacement Policy:

  • DNAFORM will replace all clones lost during shipment free of charge.
  • For all clones provided to customers with an ID check performed by DNAFORM, DNAFORM will refund the service fee wherever a customer has a valid claim that the provided clone has an ID error.
  • For all clones provided to customers without any ID check performed by DNAFORM, DNAFORM will provide one-time a replacement clone taken from the original stocks and deliver it to the customer free of charge.
    Note, in case the original stocks do not contain the correct clone either, DNAFORM has no further possibilities to retrieve the correct clone. Therefore our replacement guarantee is restricted to a one-time free of charge replacement of the clone. DNAFORM does not refund any service fee to customers, even if the replacement clone had a mistake. DNAFORM will remove such clones from our product line to eliminate the future inconvenience for other potential customers.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. We will make best efforts to help our customers to receive the clones they need.

Legal Notes

The RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, individual RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and/or RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS Clones thereof are an intellectual property of RIKEN, and were exclusively licensed to DNAFORM. The use and replication of individual RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, individual RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and/or FANTOM™ FLS Clone(s) is restricted by the terms of the Sublicense Agreement signed by the customer. Certain RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clones are subject to pending patent applications, which may restrict their commercial use. Further details can be obtained from DNAFORM on request. DNAFORM does not take any responsibilities for patent infringements by the use or application of the RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clones.

RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, individual RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS Clones, and/or RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS Clones are delivered for Laboratory Research Purpose only and those Clones shall not be used for any diagnostics, therapeutics or military purposes of any kind. The Japanese Government has signed the Cartagena Law dated June 18, 2003. Therefore for the receipt of RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clones the sublicensee has to declare and complete all the legally required procedures for the receipt of recombinant DNA materials and implementation of experiments involving recombinant materials in their laboratory, as requested by the Japanese Government as specified by the Recombinant DNA Experiment Guidelines in accordance to the Cartagena Law, or the equivalent of these Guidelines in the country (countries) where the experiments will be conducted.

All RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ clones as given in ZAP vectors are subject to the license agreement executed between DNAFORM and Stratagene and are provided under a Limited Labor License. Under this license the purchaser is granted the right to practice the claims of the patents U.S. Patent No. 5,286,636, U.S. Patent No. 5,128,256, and European Patent Application No. 0286200B1 to the extent necessary to replicate and use the DNAFORM Licensed Product for the purchaser's internal research purposes. This license shall not entitle the purchaser to use the DNAFORM Licensed Product for any commercial purposes; the DNAFORM Licensed Product is to be used for research purpose only. No other right or license, express or implied, to the patents given above shall be granted to the purchaser of the DNAFORM License Product nor deemed to accompany the DNAFORM Licensed Product.

DNAFORM retains the right to change any of the terms and conditions for the distribution of RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clones without prior notice.

The name and logos of DNAFORM as well as FANTOM™ are registered trademarks of DNAFORM, and the names of RIKEN and Riken are the registered trademarks of RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research). Bluescript is a registered trademark of Stratagene in the United States.

Limited Product Warranty

RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, individual RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and/or RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS clone(s) are provided with a Limited Product Warranty. This warranty limits our liability to the replacement of RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, individual RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and/or RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS clone(s) lost or damage during shipment. No other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are provided by DNAFORM. DNAFORM shall have no liability for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use, the results of use, or the inability to use these clones.

All RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS Clones are provided "as is", and DNAFORM cannot guaranty for any of the clone related information as provided by the RIKEN. RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and/or RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS Clones are of experimental nature, and as such RIKEN cannot exclude mistakes in the sequences or annotations of the RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clone Sets, RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ PS and/or RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ FLS Clones. DNAFORM will therefore not replace or refund clones for which the customer has found mistakes in the clone and/or related information.

Legal Status

DNAFORM distributes RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ Clones and Clone Sets under the terms of the "Sublicense Agreement with regard to the Use of RIKEN Mouse FANTOM™ cDNA clones" agreed upon between RIKEN, the owner of the clones, and DNAFORM, the distributor of the clones. All clone(s) and/or clone set(s) are provided under the terms of the same agreement.

Shipping & Packing Charge

DNAFORM will charge additional Shipping, Packing and Handling Fees according to the destination. Shipping, Packing and Handling Fees for standard destinations can be found in the table given below. If your country is not included or you are not sure to which category your country belongs, please contact us under dna@dnaform.jp/en for further information.

Shipping and Packing Charge


We recommend purchasing FANTOM™ Clones as bacterial cultures. If not otherwise notified, DNAFORM tries to ship out FANTOM™ Clones within one week after confirmation of the order. All shipments are commonly made at the beginning of the week to avoid complications over weekends. Depending on your destination, international shipments by an express carrier may take up to three or four days. If you ordered FANTOM™ Clones as sequence verified plasmid DNA, the DNA will be shipped within about 4 weeks after confirmation of the order. Note, due to public holidays in Japan, DNAFORM may not ship out clones during certain weeks.

Privacy Policy

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