RIKEN Human cDNA clones : Overview

Background Information

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) funded the Genome Network Project for a better understanding of the human genome. As one of the key members of the Genome Network Project, the RIKEN Omics Center generated a large number of human cDNA clones from full-length enriched cDNA libraries. Out of this collection DNAFORM provides 311,600 end-sequenced cDNA clones. Refer to our DNAFORM Clone Search Engine to retrieve information on each clone including gene annotations.

Moreover, DNAFORM is also offering some 395 human ORF entry clones from the MEXT Genome Network Project. Refer to our information page on ORF entry clones for more information.

For annotation data of each clones, visit DNAFORM Clone Search Engine.

Clone Search

For further information on the MEXT Genome Network Project, visit the RIKEN Web Site:

RIKEN:Genome Network Project

DNAFORM provides Human cDNA clones from the MEXT Genome Network Project as a slant culture without an ID check and isolated plasmid DNA with an ID check.

Note that all RIKEN clones are provided under the term of a sub-license agreement as agreed upon with the RIKEN Institute. Sub-license agreement can be downloaded under the following link:

Sub-Licensing Agreement for the Use of RIKEN cDNA Clones  (PDF)