Xenopus tropicalis EST Clones

Xenopus tropicalis EST Clones

The Xenopus tropicalis EST Project is a joint collaboration between the Sanger Institute and the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute with the aim of supporting the X. tropicalis genetics and genomics effort. Four Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis cDNA libraries are on over for distribution:

  • X. tropicalis neurula cDNA library - TNeu
  • X. tropicalis gastrula cDNA library - TGas
  • X. tropicalis egg cDNA library - TEgg
  • X. tropicalis tadpole cDNA library - TTpa
  • X. tropicalis tailbud Head cDNA library - THda
  • X. tropicalis tailbud cDNA library - TTba
  • X. tropicalis Full length cDNA set - TFL

The Sanger Institute has generated approximately 55,000 5' EST sequences from each X. tropicalis cDNA library. These sequences have been analysed and can be searched using the Sanger Institute server or the Gurdon Institute server.


DNAFORM offers individual clones or the complete set of full-length clones.

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