Sequence Verification

Source BioScience LifeSciences will end sequence your clones before they are sent to you - you only pay for the clones that BLAST match with the id you requested. This risk free option saves you time when you get your clone and removes the chance of receiving one of the wrong clones that are inherent in all copies of large libraries.

Sequence Verified UK Chicken Consortium EST Clones

  • Place your order conventionally but follow the Sequence Verified clones link
  • Source BioScience LifeSciences will extract DNA, end sequence your requested clone(s) and BLAST the output
  • Successfully verified clones (>95% identity after quality clipping) will be shipped to you and we will include a BLAST report in the packet


As for the Sequence Verified Clones, DNAFORM and Source BioScience has the following agreements. By accessing and using our Purchase Ordering System, Customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

  • In case Source BioScience confirms an ID error, the order is automatically canceled and the clone will be not re-produced.
  • However, for an order of multiple number of clones, all the clones except the error clone(s) will be shipped out.
  • For example, if we confirmed 2 error clones within your eight ordered clones, you will recieve six clones.
  • 上Customers cannot change or cancel an Order after the formal Order process is started. Clones that we received from Source BioScience will be distributed to Customer, and Customer will be charged.
  • DNAFORM will refund for the difference.

The sequence varification effectively reduces risks receiving error clones. even in these quality confirmed clones, however, there are some potential error on sequence other than both ends. In that case, our replacement guarantee is restricted to a one-time free of charge replacement of the clone. DNAFORM and Source BioScience do not refund any service fee to customers, even if the replacement clone had a mistake. DNAFORM will remove such clones from our product line to eliminate the future inconvenience for other potential customers.

※:The sequence verification is only available for the clones specified in the price list.