Rat Full-Length cDNA Clones


DNAFORM has prepared a number of full-length enriched cDNA libraries from the rat strain F344, which are available for sales.

The cDNA libraries were prepared applying the patented RIKEN/DNAFORM full-length cDNA cloning technology assuring full-length rate as high as up to 90 to 95%. cDNA inserts were cloned into the phage λ-FLC-III, which offer a wide cloning range from 500 to 15,000 bp. In addition our phage/vector system allows for the excision of the plasmid vector from the phages by the Cre-loxP recombination system, and uses homing restriction endonucleases for a safe release of the entire inserts omitting the risk of internal cleavage.


  • One time amplification Phage DMSO stock ( >1x 106 pfu/μl )
  • Plasmid glycerol stock ( >1x 105 cfu )

Shipment and Storage

Libraries are shipped on dry ice. DMSO and Glycerol stocks should be stored at -80°C.

Quality Check before Delivery

  • Insert size analysis (max. 24 clones)
  • Sequence analysis of cDNA 5’end (max. 24 clones)

List of the Rat Full-Length cDNA Library

Cat. # Tissues Stage Specification
Rat001 Liver Adult+Embryo (20 days) Normalized Library (2 pooling)
Rat002 Kidney Adult+Embryo (20 days) Normalized Library (2 pooling)
Rat003 Spleen Adult+Embryo (20 days) Normalized Library (2 pooling)
Rat004 Colon/Intestine Adult:Colon Embryo:Intestine Normalized Library (2 pooling)
Rat005 Thymus Adult Normalized Library
Rat006 Lung Adult Normalized Library
Rat007 Brain Adult Normalized Library
Rat008 Kidney Adult Normalized Library
Rat009 Liver Embryo (20 days) Standard
Rat010 Testis Adult Standard
Rat011 Colon Adult Standard
Rat012 Kidney Adult Standard
Rat013 Skin 6 weeks Standard
Rat014 Skin 6 weeks Normalized Library
Rat015 Muscle Adult Normalized Library

* Libraries are offered for research purpose only;
not for use in human or animals; not for use in therapy or diagnostics.