RIKEN Honeybee cDNA Clones : Overview

Background Information

The RIKEN Omics Center has generated one of the largest cDNA collections from honeybee that is now available for the research community through DNAFORM. All clones were isolated from full-length cDNA libraries, and are end-sequenced from their 3' and 5' ends. In addition, un-sequenced cDNA clones are available on request.

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DNAFORM provides clones from the RIKEN Honeybee cDNA collection as a slant culture without an ID check and isolated plasmid DNA with an ID check.

Note that all RIKEN clones are provided under the term of a sub-license agreement as agreed upon with the RIKEN Institute. Sub-license agreement can be downloaded under the following link:

Sub-Licensing Agreement for the Use of RIKEN cDNA Clones  (PDF)