DNABook™ : Overview


DNABook™ has developed by RIKEN as a solution for effective sharing of clones and annotation data by printing DNA onto water-soluble paper.

The DNABook™ comprises an easily transportable DNA bank printed into the format of a book. DNA can be readily recovered from the paper using PCR.

Clones on the DNABook™ is also recorded on DNAFORM Clone Search Engine.

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Gene Families (Categorized ) DNABook™

Based on the FANTOM 3 full-length cDNA collection, DNAFORM offers a series of new DNABook™ comprising categorized clone sets. Using the annotation information in the RIKEN FANTOM 3 annotation viewer, clones have been categorized based on common functions (e.g. Transcription Factors and Kinases), common localization in the cell (e.g. cell membrane proteins and nuclear proteins), or according to their common contribution to biological processes such as cell cycle and apoptosis.

For each Gene Family DNABook™, we offer the entire clone set or individual pages thereof.

Mouse Transcription Factor DNABook™

As the first product of this series, DNAFORM is offering the Transcription Factor DNABook™ comprised of 1588 transcription-related genes. The Transcription Factor DNABook™ can be obtained as an entire set of 1588 cDNA clones or in the form of individual pages thereof each containing 48 different cDNAs.

A genome-wide and nonredundant mouse transcription factor database Kanamori et. al, (BBRC 322/3 pp. 787-793).

Mouse Kinase DNABook™

The Mouse Kinase DNABook™ comprises all FANTOM 3 full-length cDNA clones that had been annotated as kinases or kinase-related proteins. In total the mouse kinase collection contains 898 clones printed on 19 pages with 48 clones per page. The DNABook™ provides 4 spots per clone, each of which consists of approximately 5ng plasmid DNA.

Mouse Phosphatase DNABook™

The Mouse Phosphatase DNABook™ contains 4 pages, in total containing 180 different cDNA clones. All clones have been selected from the RIKEN FANTOM 3 Clone Set using GO terms from the annotation viewer. The DNABook™ provides 4 spots per clone, each of which consists of approximately 5ng plasmid DNA.